Travel to El Pescador

Most guests travel to El Pescador via commercial airlines to the Los Mochis International Airport.  Aero Mexico has daily flights to Los Mochis from Phoenix, Tucson, and Los Angeles.  Aero California operates daily flights from Tucson and Los Angeles.  We will be happy to book your flight or you can use a travel agent of your choice.  A representative of Villa del Pescador will meet guests of El Pescador at the Los Mochis Airport and you will be assisted in securing your luggage.  Arrangements are made for your transportation to the Villa del Pescador.  Your transportation to and from the airport is at no extra charge and is included in your package price.  The trip from the airport to the Villa is approximately one hour and twenty minutes.  Upon your arrival at the Villa, you will be assisted by the staff in obtaining your room and cocktails will be served prior to dinner.  You will depart for Lake Huites early the following morning after breakfast and will be fishing on the Lake by mid-morning.  Early flights out of Los Angeles may depart to the Lake the same day.

A four-lane highway connects El Fuerte to Tucson, AZ for those who wish to travel by personal vehicle.  The trip takes approximately nine hours.  If you are intending to travel by car, we will be more than happy to provide you with information regarding auto insurance and the necessary paper work to bring your vehicle into Mexico.

El Fuerte also boasts a private airstrip with a 4200 foot paved runway with 24 hour security available for chartered or private flights.  We have been flying into Mexico for over 30 years and if you have never flown into Mexico, please call and we will forward information.

Travel into Mexico is quite simple and all that is needed at this time is a current passport or certified copy of your birth certificate along with a picture ID.  You will be issued a tourist visa upon entry and you will be asked to surrender the visa at the time you depart.  A charge of approximately 180 pesos ($20 American) will be incurred for the tourist visa; however, if flying on commercial airlines, the fee is included in your ticket price.  At present, there are no required immunizations for entry into Mexico, but we suggest you be prudent and discuss this issue with your physician.


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